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The Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™) is a new type of tracking programme designed to help you understand how well your brand is being delivered throughout the entire customer experience. It doesn’t just tell you what’s going right or wrong, it helps you understand why so you can take appropriate action.

It takes measures from your existing customers, potential customers and employees and uses one simple sensitive measure that makes it extremely easy to understand across the entire business. This helps bust silos and become a board level directive tool.

What will The Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™) do for my organisation?

It will provide you with three things:

  • Standing: a measure and ongoing understanding of how aligned your brand is against your vision, values and critical success factors (relative to your competitors).
  • Diagnosis: you’ll understand what is working, what isn’t working, and more importantly why.
  • Action: The final part of BAM™ gauges progress against the action oriented variables.

What are the benefits of the Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™)?

  • Actionable Data: you’ll know exactly what isn’t working and why, allowing you to identify and implement the right actions.
  • Simplicity: there’s no jargon or mathematical wizardry. BAM™ uses metrics similar to the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which key stakeholders are often already aware of.
  • 360-degree perspective: the people within your organisation are the first to know if there is trouble. By taking the views of your internal audience, your customers and your competitors’ audience into account, the BAM™ gives you a full perspective.
  • Busts Silos: BAM™ connects the whole business.
  • Value for money: the BAM™ is revolutionary in both delivery and price, beating other six-figure brand trackers currently available. This means you receive more value and insight for your money.

Who uses the Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™)?

David Lloyd Clubs, Warner Brothers, The Jockey Club, Gazprom Energy, Medical Protection Society, Kew Gardens, Merlin Entertainments

“The BAM™ has quickly become an important brand tracking tool within Resort Theme Parks at Merlin. It has taken the best elements of our old brand tracker and added a level of rigour which helps us to make decisions and implement change quickly. All reporting is timely, succinct and insightful, and our key stakeholders find it very easy to interpret and use the data. I’d strongly recommend the BAM™.”

— Justin Platt, Managing Director Resort Theme Parks, Merlin

Where can I see the Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™) in action?

You can find more information on why we created the BAM™ in the first place here, or discover how the concept was born in this infographic!

Who do I speak to about the Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM™)?

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